Monday, 22 August 2011

no7 blushes!

so today i went shopping for blushes as i've only used 1 main blusher usaully.
I had a no7 five pound voucher as they have started giving these out again which save so mutch money!
so i bought two blushers and they both were supposed to be 5pounds each but as i had a 5pound voucher my first blush was only 4 pounds then i got given another no7 voucher so i went back and bought another one, heres what i got and my opinions on them...

sorry for the bad picture quality, hopefully will upload real swatches using my camera! although this is there no7 mineral loose poweder in 'soft damoson' and it comes with a cobuki brush aswell, the brush helps apply it really well and the packagings great non of the powder falls out it works a treat the colour aswell! it was suppose to cost 9 pound but using my 5 pound voucher it only costed 4 pound.

so this is there natural blush cheek in the shade 'candy pink' the terrible thing about this is the photo looks nothing like the colour in real life which is a turn off from seeing the product online, in real life its more of a bright vibrant pink which leaves a suttle pinky tone on my cheeks which is perfect it blended in easily aswell!

hope you like my small post will soon do a blog showing a real swatch of the products,


Tuesday, 16 August 2011

panda nail design

so having a chilled lazy day, i got that bored i thought i would try out a design on my nails, as bubzbeauty recently posted a panda design i thought well i wanna try a design and pandas are my favourite animal, so i attempted this theme on my nails!


Wednesday, 3 August 2011

sleepover in pictures

description of photos at the bottom-

image 1-
me and niamh halfway through dying her hair, we dyed it dark brown

image 2-
outside tescos at 2am in our pjamas, me and niamh are so classy

image 3-
mine, georgias, kyras and niamhs food we bought from tescos

image 4-
from left- georgia, kyra, niamh me, on the sofa eating a cookie around 3am

image 5-
4am going to see if mcdonalds was open, it wasnt... so we went to my school sat on the field and talked about memorys this is where we are in the photo

image 6- 
in mcdonalds at 6am yes we waited 2 hours for it to open. and yes we went in our pjamas

image 7-
me a day after niamhs sleepover

Thursday, 21 July 2011

new posts.

so as your wondering yes i have deleted all my posts and added a new layout, not to happy with it at the moment hopefully will soon find out how to make it look more proffesional but for them moment its floral!
And yes i deleted all posts as they were bad quality and wanted a fresh start.

if anyone wants to make me a header for my blog please comment?