Wednesday, 3 August 2011

sleepover in pictures

description of photos at the bottom-

image 1-
me and niamh halfway through dying her hair, we dyed it dark brown

image 2-
outside tescos at 2am in our pjamas, me and niamh are so classy

image 3-
mine, georgias, kyras and niamhs food we bought from tescos

image 4-
from left- georgia, kyra, niamh me, on the sofa eating a cookie around 3am

image 5-
4am going to see if mcdonalds was open, it wasnt... so we went to my school sat on the field and talked about memorys this is where we are in the photo

image 6- 
in mcdonalds at 6am yes we waited 2 hours for it to open. and yes we went in our pjamas

image 7-
me a day after niamhs sleepover

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